Error occurs when importing file. 
Note: This problem is typically caused by information copied and pasted into software exporting file.  In copy-paste process one or more carriage returns included.

Diagnose Source
  1. Open problem file in Notepad or Wordpad
  2. Scroll down file column of numbers on right side should line up.  Where they don't, when number is on next line, field right before is typically problem field
  3. Continue down for addition problem fields
  4. articularly when numbers at end of line are moved down a line - carriage return is source of issue

  1. Contact person who sent file with names of problem athletes, and possible problem fields
  2. In software that exported file they would go to athletes, select athlete and put cursor at end of problem fields, then back space until cursor stops immediately after last letter or number in field
  3. Repeat for other problem athletes
  4. Export new file