When trying to import an entry, roster, or batch registration file, encounter following error:
Error: Program error has occurred. Line length error. Line length should be ##. Found ## error

1. Open file in Notepad or WordPad
a. Double-click zipped file
b. Double-click on .HY3 file
c. Choose Select a program from a list of installed programs and click OK
d. Select either Notepad or WordPad and click OK
2. Scan page for lines where formatting does not match rest of page
a. Make note of athlete's name in any line that does not match
3. In Team Manager, go to Athletes
4. Double-click athlete from Step 2a
5. Check Last Name, First Name, and Middle for any extra spaces. Delete spaces
6. Repeat Steps 4 - 5 as needed
7. Import file (File > Import)

Note: To see eLesson training video on this error, go to Help > elessons and select Common Problems - and Their Solutions
File fails integrity check