If you receive a Cannot Login to Update Server error or a similar error follow the guide below:
  • Note: If you are attempting to update a legacy product of Hy-Tek, please see related article: Install Update for Legacy Hy-Tek Products
  • Note: Legacy products of Hy-Tek include SWMM7, SWMM6, SWMM5, SWMM4, SWTM7, TFMM5, TFTM4.1 
  • Note: Below are example screenshots of potential errors
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  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to https://hytek.active.com
  3. Click on Support on upper right side
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  1. Under it select Download Center or Downloads
User-added image
  1. Then slide down until you see your software listed. Under it click on Update and save file to a location where you can find it
User-added image
  1. Next open software and go to File
  2.  Click Install Update
User-added image
  1. On first screen click No
User-added image
  1. Next point software to where you saved Update file
  2. Click on file to select it, then click Open
User-added image
  1. Follow prompts to install update

Alternate Solution: Ask your organization's IT department to allow FTP connection using port 80 and SFTP connection using port 22