1. This error can also be an error in secure channel support
  2. Check that you have the latest release of the software installed
    1. Meet Manager for Swimming 7.0Ef or later
    2. Meet Manager for Swimming 6.0Eb
    3. Meet Manager for Swimming 5.0Dd
    4. Meet Manager for Swimming 4.0Ek
    5. Track & Field Meet Manager 6.0Ec or later
    6. Track & Field Meet Manager 5.0Dd
  3. If still receiving error go to File Explorer (hold down windows key on keyboard and tap letter E
  4. On left side of screen double click on C drive to see all folders underneath it, then double click on Hy-Sport folder.
  5. Click on installation folder for Meet Manager
    1. SWMM8
    2. SWMM7
    3. SWMM6
    4. SWMM5
    5. SWMM4
    6. TFMM6
    7. TFMM5
  6. Use slide on far right side of screen to slide down in install folder - looking for a file called reg.bat
  7. Right click on that file and select Run as administrator
  • Note:  Doing so one time should resolve this issue
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