To view/edit the publishing settings for Meet Mobile, follow the guide below:

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  1. Select the correct Team Scoring option to publish the event timeline
  2. Publish General Meet Information: Publish meet information several days in advance of the meet date (however, we recommend waiting until the meet entry process is complete)
Note: This action uploads the meet, a listing of the meet events by session, records, time standards, and athletes entered into the database via the Meet Mobile server
Note: This allows organizers to publish teams and athletes to Meet Mobile, creating an ID for each
Note: Uploading before the meet entry process is complete means that teams may send updated entry files - once the new file is uploaded, duplicates will occur in Meet Mobile

  1. When publishing general meet information, the database used to publish receives a Meet Mobile ID which links to the specific meet within Meet Mobile
  2. This exact same database must be used while running the meet (or a backup of the database made after the meet was published to Meet Mobile)
Note: A backup made before the meet was published will not work and will not be linked to Meet Mobile to upload results
  1. If an organization is reusing a database from a previous meet, we recommend re-saving the database under a different name to create a unique Meet Mobile ID
    1. Go to File -> Save as
    2. Change the database name
    3. Once the meet entry deadline passes and entries are complete, click Publish Psych Sheets and Heat Sheets
    4. This action uploads the psych sheets and heat sheets for any seeded events
    5. When seeding or re-seeding events after uploading, the psych sheet or heat sheet for that event will automatically upload to Meet Mobile when exiting the seeding menu