To edit the settings for Meet Mobile, follow the guide below:
  • Note: Settings is the default screen and should be completed first
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  1. Full Meet Data (recommended): Yields full access for Meet Mobile users to all meet information (including heat sheets, meet results, psych sheets, and team scores)
  • Note: Selecting this option allows organizers to apply pricing options that Meet Mobile users pay for access to heat sheets
  • Note: If an organization chooses to charge for heat sheets, note that all other details are available for free (the fee specifically applies to heat sheets)
  • Note: In each case, the total price is shown - a portion of that price comes back to the team
  1. Free Heat Sheets: A new feature allowing organizers to publish heat sheets at not charge to Meet Mobile users
  2. Set-up: This option configures the organization account so that ACTIVE Network can distribute a check payment for the team's portion of the fees charged
  • Note: If this is the first time using this option, click Set-up and enter organization information
  • Note: If the organization has already entered information, the account name and address will display under ACTIVE Works Remittance Information
  1. Restrict Heat Sheet Data: This option gives Meet Mobile users free access to an entire meet (simply select the terms of use contract and click Confirm)
  2. View Contract to Agree: Review the contact and agree by applying the following options:
    1. Date of Birth
    2. Full Name
    3. Select Agree
    4. Click Confirm, then confirm the options that were selected (if these are correct, click Yes)

Below are additional details about pricing options, related to Settings:
  • Currently only accounts in the United States (USA), Australia (AUS), and Canada (CAN) are eligible for revenue sharing
  • If a different host country selects the Full Meet Data option, the price for access to the meet through Meet Mobile is set to $4.49 and no revenue sharing takes places
  • The Free Heat Sheets option is available at no charge
  • The price of Full Meet Data can be changed at any time through the last day of the meet
  • If the price is lowered, there may be users that already paid more for the previous price
  • If for some reason the heat sheet option should no longer be configured, select Restrict Heat sheet Data at any time through the last day of the meet
  • Again, consider that some users may have already purchased the heat sheet feature (restriction means those users will no longer have access to heat sheets)