If your meet mobile subscription (monthly or annual) is still active but you are asked to subscribe again when you try to access results, please try the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Close Meet Mobile App
  2. Go to phone Settings > Apps & notificationsMeet Mobile > Storage > CLEAR DATA & CLEAR CACHE
  3. Go back to Meet Mobile in step 2 > UNINSTALL
  4. Go to app Settings > Google account > Remove any accounts logged in
  5. Reboot device
  6. Go to Play Store and log in with only the account subscribed to Meet Mobile
  7. Download & install Meet Mobile
  8. Try again to access results
​ iOS
  1. Open Meet Mobile
  2. Tap ...Restore. If Restore changes to Manage your subscription, then you should be able to access results now; if nothing happens, please enable In-App Purchase and try again; if in-app purchase is already enabled but it still doesn't work, please continue with step 3 to 6
  3. Uninstall Meet Mobile
  4. Log out and re-log in with the subscribed Apple ID
Note: Check your subscription status following https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204088 to make sure you are logged in with the right Apple ID.
  1. Download & reinstall Meet Mobile
  2. Tap ...Restore. It should change to Manage Your Subscription and you should be able to access results now
  • Note: Disregard this step if Manage Your Subscription is already there