To view/edit the publishing settings for Meet Mobile, follow the guide below:

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  1. Select correct Team Scoring option
    1. Publish General Meet Information when setup for events, sessions, time/mark standards, and records is completed
  • NoteThis action uploads the meet, a listing of the meet events by session, records, time/mark standards and athletes loaded into the database to the meet mobile server
  • NoteThis allows organizers to publish teams and athletes to meet mobile, creating an ID for each
  1. ​​​​When publishing general meet information, the database used to publish receives a Meet Mobile ID which links to the specific meet on Meet Mobile
  2. This exact same database must be used while running the meet (or a backup of it that was made after the meet was published to Meet Mobile)
  • NoteA backup made before the meet was published will not work, and will not be linked to Meet Mobile to upload results
  1. If an organization is reusing a database from a previous meet, we recommend re-saving the database under a different name to clear the existing Meet Mobile ID
  1. Once meet entry deadline passes and entries are complete, click Publish Heat/Flight Sheets and Performance Lists
  • This action uploads Performance Lists and Heat/Flight sheets for any seeded events
  • When seeding or re-seeding events after uploading, the performance list or heat sheet for that event will automatically upload to Meet Mobile when exiting the seeding menu