If running a meet that is a similar type to a past meet, you can use the past meet as a template to minimize setup time for the upcoming meet.
  1. From main screen go to File, then Open/New and open previous meet database
  • Note: You may already have the previous meet open in Meet Manager, skip this step if this is the case
  1. From main screen go to File then Save As and save under new name
  • Note: Once saved, new name should show in top-left corner of Meet Manager
  1. From main screen go to File, then Purge, then select Remove Data Selectively
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  1. Select Teams
    • Note: When you select Teams:  Athletes, Entries/Results, and Relays will be selected 
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  1. Select OK
  • ​​​Note: You will receive a warning that this process is irreversible, since you have already done a save as in step 2, select OK when prompted
  1. From main screen go to Set-up, then Meet Set-up
  2. Change Meet Name, Dates (Start, End, Age-Up), and any other differing parameters
  • Note: Meet Manager for Swimming: also change Entry Open Date and Entry Deadline
  1. (Optional) Make any necessary changes to preferences and settings: Go to Set-up and check:
    1. Athlete/Relay Preferences
    2. Seeding Preferences
    3. Entry/Scoring Preferences
    4. Scoring Set-up
    5. Division/Region Names
    6. Swimming only: Entry Fee surcharges
  2. From main screen go to File then Repair and Compact Database
  • Note: Repair and Compact Database tunes up database after a purge
  1. From main screen go to Events and verify event list is accurate
  2. Database is now ready to receive entries