Below are basic steps for using Meet Manager
  1. Create Database
    1. Go to File > Open/New
    2. Next to File name enter database name (e.g. meet name)
    3. Click Open 
  2. Customize Meet Parameters, Preferences, and Settings - Related Articles
    1. Go to Set-up >
      1. Meet Setup 
      2. All preferences (i.e. Athlete/Relay, Seeding, Report, Entry/Scoring)
      3. All settings (i.e. Scoring Set-Up, Division/Region Names)
  1. Setup Events
    1. Go to Events
    2. Click Add
    3. Fill out Add New Event screen, click OK
    4. Repeat a - c until all events added
      • (Optional) Click Sessions to setup sessions
    5. Click Records to enter records
    6. Click Standards to enter time standards
  2. Add Athletes/Entries
    1. Go to Athletes
    2. Click Add
    3. On Add New Athlete screen, click on event to enter
      • ​​Note: (Optional) Other reports to check include Reports > Events, Schools, Athlete Rosters, Sessions, and Psych Sheets
      • Related Articles: Add Meet Entries
  3. Seed meet
    1. Go to Seeding
    2. Click Select All
    3. Click Start Seeding
  4. Check your work
    1. Go to Reports >
      1. Meet Program
      2. Lane/Timer Sheets
      3. Warm-up Sheets
  • Note: For additional details, go to Help > Contents within Meet Manager for full user guide
  • Note: Meet Manager for Swimming: Go to Help > Show Check List to display Pre-Meet Check List on right-hand side of screen