Help and instructions for using Real Time Results with Meet Manager
  1. From main screen in Meet Manager, go to Run select Preferences then Web Real-Time
    1. ​Select desired options
    • Note: Layout of displayed results and heat sheets/ performance lists is determined based on these settings
  2. ​​Select Globe Icon to access this menu:
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User-added image
  1. Select Upload Event Schedule to upload Main HTML page and Event Index 
  • Note: Once the event schedule is uploaded you can link to site by linking the folder (working directory) or linking directly to index.htm file in the folder
  • Note: Re-uploading Event Schedule will completely overwrite web page and any changes you have made (logos, etc) will need to be added again
  1. Select Upload Default Results Page to upload defaults for each event
  • Note: Perform this action after you Upload Event Schedule first time or viewers will receive a "page cannot be displayed" error when clicking events
  1. Select Upload Heat Sheets or Performance Lists for Rounds not Done
  • Note: You must select one or all sessions
  • Note: Heat sheets are what is seen by viewers when clicking on  event until results are posted
  • Note: Use this function to update your website when finals or quarter-finals are seeded 
  1. To upload all results at once use Upload Results for Completed Rounds button
  • Note: You must select one or all sessions
  • Note: You can also use this function if meet administrator gets behind in uploading results or has skipped a result
  1. To create HTML files of above functions without uploading them check box labeled: Do not Upload: Only... 
  • Note: files will be copied to C:\Realtime for later upload

Using keyboard shortcuts from Run Menu to update Real Time Results
  1. F12 uploads active event on Run screen to web site
  • Note: In Meet Manager for Swimming "Enable F12 from Run" box must be checked in Log-In menu
  • Note: In Meet Manager for TRACK "Enable F10, F12 from Run" box must be checked in Settings menu
  • Note: If Active FTP is selected in Mode you will not need to manually send data to website using F12
  • Note: If results are not being displayed using active mode, or you are receiving connection errors, use Passive mode
  • Note: Using F12 will update team scores as well
  • Note: Results may be re-exported, over-writing previous results, if corrections are needed 
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