Below is the price for upgrading to the current version of Meet Manger:
  • Meet Manager upgrade for returning customers: $169 $10 technical support

Below are the prices for new copies of Meet Manager:
  • Bronze Package: $265 $10 technical support
    • Note: Includes all of the basic features needed to run a track meet including the seeding feature
  • Silver Package: $385 $10 technical support
    • Note: Includes the cross country / road race module, multi-age group events, and all features from the bronze package
  • Gold Package: $685 $10 technical support
    • Note: Includes combined events, age grading, ribbon/award labels, admin labels, and all features from silver and bronze packages

Below are the prices for package advancements
  • Advance from bronze to silver: $120
  • Advance from silver to gold: $300
  • Advance from bronze to gold: $420
    • Note: Customer must have latest version of Meet Manager to advance to higher package. Once the package is advanced, all future upgrades will stay in that package.

Below are the prices for additional features of Meet Manager:
  • Network Option: $495
    • ​Note: Required for multi-user network and real-time results to the web
  • Interface for Photo Finish Timing: $295
  • Interface for Button Finish Timing: $99
  • Field Event Interface: $99
  • Alpha Scoreboard interface to display names and results: $495
  • Note: Customers must have latest version of Meet Manager to purchase any additional feature. These features are a one-time purchase and will automatically be included in any future upgrades