Below is the price for upgrading to the current version of Meet Manager:
  • Meet Manager upgrade for returning customers: $269 $20 technical support 

Below are the prices for new copies of Meet Manager for Swimming:
  • Meet Manager Start Up package: $349 $20 technical support
  • Meet Manager Standard Package: $499 $20 technical support
    • Note: The standard package includes the ribbon and entry labels

Below are the prices for additional features for Meet Manager:
  • Award ribbon Labels: $149
  • Entry Card/Labels: $99
  • Timing Console Interface: $295
  • ​Button finish interface for open water events: $129
  • CTS Dolphin Wireless Interface: $149
    • Note: Only needed if CTS dolphin is used in back-up mode
  • Alpha Scoreboard Interface to display names and results: $495
  • Network option: $495
    • Note: Required for multi-user network and real time results to the web