When creating a new database in Team Manager the first screen you will see is the System Preferences menu. In this menu you can adjust how Team Manager displays information on the Athletes page. If you need to make changes follow the steps below:
  1. Click on Set-up, go to Preferences, and select System Preferences
    1. Gender Designations - Adjust how athletes genders are displayed
    2. Athlete Browser Options  - Select what information is displayed in the Athletes menu
    3. Relay Lead-Off Splits - Allow Relay legs to be used for entry times
    4. State / Province Labels - Adjust if Team Manager uses State or Province
    5. Stroke Rates - Used for editing splits and including stroke rate on Top Times Report
    6. Automated Reminders - Adjust how often Team Manager reminds you to make a backup
    7. Team/Swimmer Defaults - Adjust Team Registration and Location
    8. Meet Age-Up Date - Adjust how Team Manager determines the age of athletes for meets
    9. System Age-Up Date - Adjust the date Team Manager uses to determine the age of athletes on the Athletes menu
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