Below is the price for upgrading to the current version of Team Manager:
  • Team Manager upgrade for returning customers: $59

Below are the prices for new copies of Team Manager:​
  • Bronze Package: $170
    • Note: Includes basic features needed to manage swim team data, subscription for Team Connect Online and subscription for Team Stats Online
  • Silver Package: $395
    • Note: Includes time standards, records, graphing swimmers' performance/goals, coach's journal/recruiting, meet entry cards/labels, award/improvement labels, meet result simulations, multi-user network, and all features from the bronze package
  • Gold Package: $570
    • Note: Includes workout creation, tracking, training, swimmer attendance, export workouts to pace clocks and all features from the silver package

Below are the prices for package advancements
  • Advance from Bronze to Silver: $225
  • Advance from Silver to Gold: $175
  • Advance from Bronze to Gold: $400
    • Note: Customer must have latest version of Team Manager to advance to higher package. Once the package is advanced, all future upgrades will stay in that package.