This guide will help you use Team Manager and Swim Manager together. Team Manager is used for creating entries and keeping track of records throughout the season. Swim Manager is used for online team registration, online meet entries, and volunteer management. 

Team Manager

  1. Download Registrations
    1. Go to File, then select Import, and then Team Registration Online
    2. Select ActiveWorks and click OK
    3. Set registration Start/End Dates and click Download Team Registration Online
    4. Select groups and click Download Team Registration Online
    5. Next to Assign New Athletes to Team, select team created in Step 3 above
    6. Click Import Selected Athletes
  1. Import Entries
    1. Go to File, select Import, and then Meet Entries
    • Note: Entries must be verified in Swim Manager and exported to be able to import into Team Manager
    • Note: Related Articles Online Meet Entries
Swim Manager
  1. Meet Results
    • ​​Note: Result file required from Meet Manager or Team Manager
      1. Click on Import Results
      2. Click on Choose File to select Result file from Meet Manager or Team Manager
      3. Click Continue
      4. Select Program and Meet Time Zone
      5. Click Save