Many swim meets are setup so that the intention is to seed and swim several age groups together - either in Timed Final events or in the Prelim Round of a Prelim-Final event, but while the swimmers of various age groups are swimming together the desire is to score the age groups separately. The Multi-Age Group event feature makes all of that possible.
  1. In the event add/edit screen, scroll to the bottom center panel and click on the MultiAge Group check box
    • Note: This should be used when different age groups and/or genders are seeded together but separated for results and scoring
  2. Then, add age groups on the subsequent screen
    • Note: The age groups must cover the entire age range of the event
      • Example: A girls timed final event with an overall event age range of 12, where athletes are scored in 8 and Under, 9-10, and 11-12 age groups: select Custom on the event add/edit screen under Age Group, then enter blank to 12 as the custom age range
    1.  Click on the Multi-Age Group check box and setup the age groups to score
      • Example: Blank to 8, 9 to 10, and 11 to 12
    2. When printing the award labels for the event, they will reflect the place of the swimmer in their age group
    3. If this is a Prelim-Final event, select the number of heats for finals on the same screen that where age groups are entered (for each of the age groups)
  3. If a Multi-Age Group event is setup as a Timed Final event, the Multi-Age Group Extra option may be used to setup a second set of Multi-Age Groups for results only
  • Note: The Meet Type must be set to either Standard or Divisions by Event
  1. ​​​These extra age groups can be any set of ages, but they cannot duplicate any age ranges setup in the primary Multi-Age Group settings
  2. These extra results will not contain team point scores since the team points are only associated with the primary age ranges
    • Note: The results report will now show all of the age groups defined, but the Multi-Age Group Extra age groups will not have any points associated with them
  1. When an event is setup with Multi-Age Groups, there is an option for the seeding to list the heats from oldest to youngest age groups, rather than just youngest to oldest
    1. This option applies to Prelim-Final events
    2. It will designate the order of the heats of the various age groups to swim during finals
    3. For a timed final event this option can only be used if the Multi-Age Group Super Seed option was selected
      1. In that option, normally the fastest heat would have the top entries for the highest age group, the second fastest heat the top entries for the next age group, etc.
      2. This option allows administrators to designate oldest to youngest instead of youngest to oldest
      3. All prior heats are seeded by time without regard to the age of the swimmer
    4. To activate this option, check the Seed Multi-Age Groups Old to Young box on the event add/edit screen
    5. If the above box is not checked for the Finals round of a Prelim-Final event or for a Multi-Age Super Seed event, the age groups will be young to old
      • Note: When two Multi-Age Group events are set to alternate female and male heats in the finals of a Prelim-Final event, assuming that there are the same number of heats in finals for each age group, the effect will be to alternate each age group and gender in the meet program.
  2. Multi-Age Super Final is a special way of seeding finals in a Prelim-Final Multi-Age Group event
    1. If the event is setup with Multi-Age Groups for say 13-14, 15-16 and 17 and Over, the Super Final would be the fastest swimmers from all age groups with the other age groups having the top remaining finalists seeded together in their respective age groups
    2. If there are enough swimmers available - alternates will also be shown for each age group
      1. There is also an option Super Final Eliminates Oldest Age Group
  3. ​​Multi-Age Group Relays
    1. If the meet is a Masters meet or the event is setup as a Multi-Age Group event, administrators may enter the Relay Age which can be any number in the range of the age group, such as 12 in the 11-12 age group
    2. If the event is a Mixed Gender event, enter the relay gender
    3. Edit the relay age or the relay gender by clicking on the appropriate cell in the appropriate column in the Relay Team Entries grid