For Finals of a Prelim / Final Open event, you can set it to limit any number of the slower heats to a certain age and younger. Please follow the steps below:
  1. On Events > Add New Event screen under Round 2 or Round 3 - Finals enter Max Age and number of slowest heats it applies to
User-added image
  • Note: To setup the preference for a given event, the Meet Type must be a Standard Meet or a Divisions by Event meet 
  • Note: Event must be an individual event with A - Final, B - Final Style selected. The event cannot be Multi-Age Group or Diving
  • Note: Alternates for each section of Finals are listed in meet program
  • Example: In example above, event is setup with 5 final heats and two slowest finals heats are limited to 17 & under,  alternates for A - Final, B - Final, C - Finals will be next two fastest from Prelims regardless of age.  Alternates for the D - Final, E - Final will be remaining two fastest 17 & under swimmers