What is the system and device requirement of Hy-Tek programs? Can I use Hy-Tek on Mac? 
Here is the system requirement of Hy-Tek programs: Hy-Tek System Requirements. Hytek Software is not compatible with Mac, you may refer to Using Hy-Tek on a Mac for options. 

How do I install Hy-Tek on my computer? 
You will receive an email with installation instructions after purchase. If you would like to install a program that your organization has, please see Need to Reinstall for options. 

I have a new computer and want to move the program to it, what do I do? 
You could use this instruction Reinstall Hy-Tek Software: Copy License Method to move the program. After that, use this article to transfer your database to your new device Transfer Data to Another Computer

How do I find my license name and see what I have? 
This instruction will help you locate your license name and see the options you have on your license: Find License Name. It also shows license expiration date if your license is renewed yearly. 

How do I use Meet Moblie? 
To set up and publish your meet to Meet Mobile Swimming, please use the instructions here: Meet Mobile Publishing
To upload results and scores for your meet, refer to Upload Results and Scores (Meet Mobile) 

Can I use Team Manager, Meet Manager, and Swim Manager together? 
Yes, these programs are designed to use with one another.
Please use the instructions in the links below if you have more than one program and want to use them together:  If you have questions about software purchases and orders, please send them to HyTeksales@active.com.