Meet results can be uploaded to an existing meet in Swim Manager using an unzipped .HY3 file or the zipped export of results extracted from Meet Manager (the zipped export is what Meet Manager exports). The zip file contains the .HY3 file used by Swim Manager as well as a .CL2 results file (an older format). Swim Manager will automatically extract the .HY3 file from the zipped files, so it is not necessary to unzip the file before uploading results.

Below are instructions to upload meet results after logging into Swim Manager.
For an Existing Meet:
  1. From Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click Action icon ()
  2. Click Upload results
  3. Within Upload meet results dialog box that appears, choose/select .HY3 results file that was extracted from Meet Manager
    1. Check the Save relay lead off as result box (optional)
  4. Click Save
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Uploading Results for a Meet Not in Swim Manager
  1. Click Import results on Organization Dashboard
  2. Choose file to be imported
  3. Click Continue
  4. Select Program to link meet to
  5. Click Save