Note: you will need a results file from Meet Manager to import into Team Manager. For help with making this file please see {other article).
  1. From main screen in Team Manager go to File
  2. Select Import, then Meet Results 
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  1. Select the file to import, then click Open
  • Note:  The file will be a .zip file and will have a name of "Meet Results - NAME OF MEET"
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  1. Click OK when "successfully extracted" message appears
  2. Select the extracted .hy3 file and click Open
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  1. Once open, you will see this options box
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  1. Select desired filters, then click OK
  • Note:  Add New Teams/ Athletes should be checked if there are athletes in the Meet Manager file that are not in your Team Manager database. 
  1. Receive message that results imported successfully
  • Note: If you receive an exceptions report, please open and look at it. This is typically caused by missing athletes or a misspelled name. It can generally be corrected by checking the Add new Teams / Athletes option and re-importing.