Follow steps below to declare meet entries in Team Manager to send to a meet host using Meet Manager:
  1. From main screen go to Meets
  2. Select desired  meet from list 
  3. Select Entries, then Entries by Event (preferred) or Entries by Name 
  • Note: Relay entries can only be done using Entries by Event,  see Declare Relay Entries in Team Manager for help
  • Note: Team Manager will search past meet results for Best Time to use as entry time. Custom Time can be manually entered if desired
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  1.  Entries by Event for individual events
    1. Select event 
    • Note: a list of eligible athletes for the selected event will appear below the event listings 
    1. Select Team in Swim for Team (Select team in Entries for Team in Track and Field Team Manager)
    2. Check box in Entrd column next to desired athlete 
    • Note: Entered athletes will be highlighted yellow
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  1. ​​Entries by Name for individual events 
  • Note: Entries by Name can only be used for individual events, you must use Entry by Event for relay entries (see note in step 3)
  1. Go to Entries and select Entries by Name 
  2. Select Team in Swim for Team (Show Entries for Team in Track and Field Team Manager)
  3. select desired athlete
  4. Check box in Enter column next to desired event 
  1. (Optional) Confirm Entries
    1. From main screen select Meets
    2. Select Reports then  Entry Report
    3. Click Create Report 
  2. Export Meet Entry file and email to meet host