To declare relay entries in Team Manager: 
  1. From main screen go to Meets
  2. Select desired  meet from list 
  3. Select Entries, then Entries by Event 
  • Note: Relay entries can only be done using Entries by Event 
  1. Select relay event from list 
  2. Select team in Swim for Team
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  1.  Select New Relay
  • Note: This creates the 'A" relay team, if you click the the New Relay button again it will create a "B" team 
  1. Add athletes to relay team 
  • ​Note: If you have historical times in your Team Manager database you can select Find Best Relay and Team Manager  will select the 4 fastest eligible athletes
  • Note: Relay order can be adjusted by dragging the athlete names to desired start position in the swimmers column 
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  1. Option 1:Check box in Entrd column next to desired athletes
  2. Option 2: Select athlete from list and "drag and drop" athlete to desired position in relay team 
  3. Option 3: Double-Click athlete name from list and Meet Manager will add them to relay team in order you select 

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