When you already have entries for relays in Meet Manager and need to remove or add a swimmer to a specific relay team. 
Note: Please see New: Adding Relay Entries in Meet Manager for help in creating new relay teams or doing event entry for relays.

To add a swimmer to an existing relay team:
  1. From main screen in Meet Manager select Relays
  2. Under Relay Events select event to adjust
  3. Under Relay Team Entries select specific team to add or remove swimmer
  • Note:  Be sure you have selected to correct team paying special attention to the A,B,C designators
  1. ​​Under Eligible Athletes is a list of all athletes on the team eligible for this event 
  2. To remove an athlete double-click the athlete name where it appears under Relay Order
  3. To add an athlete to the relay double click the athlete name under Eligible Athletes
  • ​​Note: Relay order can be adjusted by dragging and dropping the athlete within the Relay Order section to the desired position
  • Note: If removing or adding a team you will need to reseed the event
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