See list below for features that can be added to your Meet Manager. Additional features can be ordered at ACTIVE Hy-Tek Online Store

Advanced Features:
  1. Pro Option/Feature (includes Network support and Real-Time Results to the Web)
  2. Swimming Interfaces for:
    1. Timing Console
    2. Button Finish for Open Water
    3. CTS Dolphin Wireless (Backup Mode)
    4. Alpha Scoreboard
  3. Track & Field Interfaces for:
    1. Photo Finish Timing
    2. Button Finish Timing
    3. Field Event (FieldLynx and Swiss TFP)
    4. Alpha Scoreboard to Display Names and Results
For full details on features listed above:
  1. Follow link below
    1. Meet Manager for Swimming
    2. Meet Manager for Track & Field
  2. Click Features
  3. See Meet Manager Advanced Options