The CC/RR Module can be used to run cross country/road race meets in Meet Manager for Track & Field 6.0. Below is an explanation of each button in the module. 

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  1. Athletes - Bring up Athletes screen
  2. Ranks - Enter competitor numbers in finish order (manually or with bar code reader)
  3. Times - Enter times (manually or read times from file created by/downloaded from timing system)
  4. Match - Match ranks with their times
  5. MergeChutes - If using multiple chutes, combine results from all chutes into one final list of results
  6. List - Create report displaying rankings, times, and points awarded
  7. Score - Create report displaying team scores and list results
  8. Assignments - Manage relay teams and IPICO Chip IDs
  9. SelectTimes - Manually enter a specific runner and their time
    • Note: These times are used to help verify data that was previously entered, but these times are not used for actual results
  10. Download - For button timers using serial connection, download results file from timing system 
  11. Interfaces - Setup connection with timing system
  12. Update - Copy completed results from CC/RR Module onto Run the Meet screen to use in the various track reports
  13. FlatHTML - Create HTML file with finish order only, team scores only, or order of finish and team scores together