Cross Country Scoring
  1. Go to Set-up, Entry/Scoring Preferences
  2. Click on the CC/RR tab
  3. Enter Minimum runners to qualify as a team (teams with fewer runners than minimum will not be scored)
  4. Enter Number of runners that score from each team
  5. Enter Maximum displacers per team
  6. Check or uncheck box Non-Team runners displace other runners
  7. If using Dynamic multiple team scoring check box
NOTE: When using above if 5 runners per team are scoring and one team has 15 runners, top 5 runners from that team will score as one team, runners 5 -10 from same team as a second team, and runners 11-15 from that team as a third team
  1. Enter Penalty points added for short teams
Road Races
  1. Enter Default number of runner times to be added if Team Scoring
  2. How many Top Overall runners to exclude from age group results
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