The Button Timer Interface can be used to run a cross country/road race meet in Meet Manager for Track&Field. Follow the steps below to retrieve the results from a timing system that uses a serial connection (MM and timer are connected by a serial cable).
Note: To use Button Interface, must have purchased Interface for Button Finish Timing. Go to Help > About to see if Button Finish/Bar Code Interface is checked under your License Options. Want to Add Features to Your Meet Manager? 
Note: For button timers using file sharing, see Use Button Interface to Run CC/RR Meet (File Sharing)
  1. Go to Run
  2. Go to CC/RR  
  3. Go to Interfaces > Setup
  4. Select timer and click OK
  5. Go to Interfaces > CC/RR Button Timer > Open/Close Serial Port
  6. Next to CC/RR Button Finish Timer, enter COM serial port number and click OK 
  1. Select event
  2. Go to Ranks
  3. As finishers cross finish line, under Comp# enter athletes' competitor numbers in finish order
  • Note: If you have a bar code reader, click Read Bar Codes
  1. After race is over, click Download
  2. Follow instructions on Download from Timer screen for your particular timer
  • Note: OmniSport 2000 does not use Download but skips straight to Times > Read Times
  1. Go to Times and click Read Times
  2. Select file and click OK
  • Note: Every time you download a file (Step 10), it is saved as a separate file. Previously downloaded files are not erased.
  1. Go to Match to match ranks and times and click Save
  2. Click Score > List and Team Scores to get results
  3. Click Update to copy results to Run screen
  • Note: Data will be copied over in flights of 10. Not recommended for races with 400+ runners. 
  • Note: Update will not work if any runners were entered with -9 for unknown (Step 9)