The Button Timer Interface can be used to run a cross country/road race meet in Meet Manager for Track&Field. Follow the steps below to retrieve results from a timing system that uses file sharing (MM and timer are connected by sharing the same folder). 
Note: To use Button Interface, must have purchased Interface for Button Finish Timing. Go to Help > About and see if Button Finish/Bar Code Interface is checked under License OptionsWant to Add Features to Your Meet Manager?
Note: For button timers using a serial connection, see Use Button Interface to Run CC/RR Meet (Serial Connection)
  1. Go to Run
  2. Go to CC/RR
  3. Go to Interfaces > Setup
  4. Select timer and click OK
  5. Go to Interfaces > CC/RR Button Timer > Change Data Directory
  6. Select location result files will be saved to and click OK
  7. Select event
  8. Go to Ranks
  9. As finishers cross finish line, under Comp# column enter athletes' competitor numbers in finish order
    • ​​Note: If you have a bar code reader, click Read Bar Codes
  10. Go to Times
  11. Click Read Times
  12. Select file and click OK
  13. Go to Match to match ranks and times and click Save
  14. Click Score > List and Team Scores to get results
  15. Click Update to copy results to Run screen
    • ​​Note: Data will be copied over in flights of 10. Not recommended for races with 400+ runners. 
    • Note: Update will not work if any runners were entered with -9 for unknown (Step 9)