The Quantum-AQ Interface is designed to exchange data through a file-sharing interface with the Omega Quantum-AQ Timing Console. Results from each race are transferred directly from the timing console and stored as a file in the shared data location without any keyboard data entry. No cable is required to connect Meet Manager with the Quantum-AQ.
  1. Go to Set-Up > Timing Console Interface > Quantum-AQ File Sharing
  2. Click OK
  3. The Quantum-AQ computer and the Meet Manager computer should be networked together and mapped to share the Meet Manager database folder - below are two possibilities:
    1. Configure Quantum-AQ to use the database folder on the Meet Manager computer
      1. This means the Quantum-AQ computer must be mapped to see the Meet Manager data drive and folder (most likely c:\swmeets 5)
      2. The Quantum-AQ computer would see that as e:\swmeets5 or f:\swmeets5 (depending on what drive letter is mapped)
    2. Configure Meet Manager to open its database on the Quantum-AQ computer in the folder that the Quantum-AQ is using to save its results files for Meet Manager
      1. This means the Meet Manager computer must be mapped to see the Quantum-AQ data drive and folder (most likely c:\meetdata)
      2. The Meet Manager computer would see it as e:\meetdate or f:\meetdata (depending on what drive letter is mapped)
  4. Select a Data Set for the meet by going to Run > Interfaces > Timer (QAQF) > Select Data Set stored from QAQF
    1. The interface displays a window with the date, time, and total number of races stored for the current Data Set that Meet Manager is pointing to
  • Note: An organizer could be running a three-day meet, so the interface needs to know what Data Set to access
  1. Click on Next Meet or Previous Meet to select the appropriate Data Set
    1. Because the date and time shown represents when the first file in the data set was created, it is usually simple to figure out which Data Set to select
  • Note: This is handy when going back to a previous session's results and pulling over a DQ'd athlete's splits and time
  1. Click Update Data Set to refresh all Data Sets for the selection (if new Data Sets with a new data set number have been added since starting Meet Manager)
  1. Go to Set-Up > Timing Console Interface > Hy-Tek's Timing Console Interface > select Quantum-AQ
  2. When ready to start the meet, go to Run > Interfaces > Timer (QAQF) > Download Events to QAQF
  3. Locate the quantum.sch file (created and placed in the shared data location)
  4. Meet Manager will then create a meet schedule of events (with event names) that will be listed (top left of the Run Menu)
    1. If several sessions were set up for the meet, click Sessions (middle left side of the Run menu) and select a session before downloading events
  • Note: Refer to the Quantum-AQ manual for instructions on loading the quantum.sch event list

Reading in Results
  1. From Run, there are two ways to read in times from the stored results file:
    1. By Event/Heat using Get Times (recommended )
      1. From Run, press the F3 key or click Get Times - this action has Meet Manager scan the result files for matching events, heat number and round (prelim, semi, final)
      2. If a match is found, the results and splits with be instantly entered
    2. By Race Number using Race #
      1. From Run, press the F2 key or click Race # - this action has Meet Manager scan the result files for one with the matching Race Number
      2. If a match is found, the results and splits will be instantly entered

Each stored race has a race number - the first is stored as race #1, the second as race #2, etc. This allows for the unique selection of any race in cases where the event, heat number, and round stored are incorect.

Each data set starts over with race number 1.