1. Go to Run > Interfaces > Photo Finish > Update Start Lists in Meet Manager
  2. Check the following
    1. Activate update of start lists is checked
  • NoteIf it is not checked MM will not create start list files
  1. Shared Location for Data shows near bottom of screen
    1. If location is correct, click OK (start list files will be created and put in shared location)
    2. If location is not correct, click Change Data Location and select correct location
  • Note: If shared location is on another computer, map that location (Computer > Map Network Drive)
  • Note: Meet Manager and Photo Finish software need to point to same shared location
  1. Check that start list files are in selected Data Location
    1. For FinishLynx, Eagle Eye & Flash Timing , 3 files created are lynx.evt, lynx.ppl and lynx.sch
    2. For Omega Star, start list files created are startlist.csv and concat.txt
  • Note: If start list files are in correct location and Photo Finish System cannot find them, update location