When trying to set-up timing/scoreboard interface (Set-up > XXXX Interface*), timing/scoreboard vendors may be greyed out depending on your license options.
1. Go to Help > About. Is there a check next to XXXX Interface?
a. If Yes: Contact Tech Support
b. If No: Continue to Step 2
2. Have you purchased XXXX Interface feature?
a. If Yes: Continue to Step 3
b. If No: place order at http://hytek.active.com/store.html
c. If Not Sure: Contact Tech Support to check your account
3. Install
a. If purchased as add-on to current version:
I. Web Delivery: Follow Update License Instructions in web delivery email
1. Go to File > License Management
2. Select Add License
3. When prompted, enter CD in drive
Note: Cancel install process if it starts
4. When asked to use license on CD to update existing license, select Yes
b. If purchased concurrently with upgrade to newer version:
I. Web Delivery: Follow Instructions for First Time Installation in web delivery email
II. CD: Insert CD to install

List of Meet Manager Interfaces:
Note: Each interface below is a separate feature
a. Swimming
i. Timing Console
ii. CTS Dolphin Backup Mode
iii. Alpha Scoreboard
iv. Open Water Button Timer
b. Track & Field
i. Photo Finish
ii. Alpha Scoreboard
iii. Button Finish
iv. Field Event
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