1. Go to Reports, Scores
  2. In top section of screen select any desired filters to filter list of events
    1. Gender
    2. Age Range
    3. Indiv + Relays, Indiv Only, Relay Only
    4. Swimming: Standard Events, Combined Events, Open Water Events 
Track & Field: All Events, Combined Events 
  1. Select events
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  1. Select Report Type
    1. Team
    2. Team  2 col (T&F)
    3. Team Points Allocation (T&F)
    4. Individual
    5. Choices for BAGCATS (Swimming) and HTML can be added to any of above
  2. Choose from Report Gender Choices
    1. Select Athlete Criteria
    2. No age criteria
    3. Use athlete age - Click on Age Criteria button and select age range or age ranges to be used
    4. Event age - score report will use event age ranges in report
  3. Points (Swimming only) - select one
    1. Std Pts
    2. Special points - will use select special point system (Set-up, Entry/Scoring Preferences)
    3. Paralympic points - will use selected Paralympic point system (Set-up, Entry/Scoring Preferences, Disability Meet)
    4. Alternative points
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  1. Click on Grouping Options tab
  2. Select option under Grouping
    1. Normal
    2. By Region
    3. By Division
    4. By LSC (Swimming only)
  3. Under Options select other appropriate options
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