1. When Score Prelims as Extended Final is checked, points are awarded down into prelims if a 2 round event and down into semi-finals if a 3 round event
  2. If there are two final heats of 8 swimmers each and you want to score down to 24th place
    1. Set up the point system with points for 1st thru 24th and entries from prelims (or semis) that were not in finals and received places 17 thru 24 will receive points when event is scored
    2. If there are scratches and/or there is a limit as to how many from one team can score, rankings are dynamically revised from finals
    • Example, if 16 score and only 8 swim in finals, the 9th through 16 points are first allocated to entries scratched from finals and then remaining points are assigned by order of finish in prelims for those entries that do not exceed the maximum scorers per team
  • Note: To view points for swimmers scored with prelim result include prior round results in report with results from final round
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