Here is a list of notations that can appear in the results report and what they stand for:
  1. "x": Result time did not meet qualifying time for entry into event or entry or relay exceeded maximum number permitted from one team to score and therefore is excluded from scoring points 
  • Example: x2:35.61
  1. "X": result is Exhibition Time 
  • Note: Times will be marked as exhibition in the following circumstances:
    1. Athlete is designated as exhibitor​​
    2. Team athlete is swimming for is exhibition team
    3. Meet Manager user checked the exhibition check box next to the result in the Run menu or next to the entry time in the Athlete menu
  • ​​Example: X2:35.61
  1. ​​"J": Indicates a Judge's Decision where the place or points awarded has been modified using the JD button in Run menu.
  • ​​Example: J2:35.61