If you want to use more than one license on a computer for either Meet Manager or Team Manager, go to File > License Management to access the following options.
  • Note: If license management option is greyed out, customer needs to open a database to activate that feature
  1. Add License
  2. Change Active License: Switch between your Available Licenses
    1. Select desired license from list of Available Licenses
    2. Click Change Active License
  3. Delete License: Delete license from software
    1. Select desired license from list of Available License
    • Note: License to be deleted cannot be Active License. First use Change Active License to set another license as Active License.
    1. Click Delete License
  4. Restore Original: Restore to first-known license
  • Note: Any additional licenses will be deleted. To add licenses again, original installation CD or Web delivery email for each license is required. 
  1. Update License