The process to add an additional license to your software is the same for Meet Manager for Swimming, Meet Manager for Track & Field, Team Manager for Swimming, and Team Manager for Track & Field.
  1. Open Meet Manager or Team Manager
  2. Go to File > License Management > Add License
  3. Choose Compact Disc, Specify drive and folder or Web delivery depending on if you have an installation CD for the new license, actual license-file or the license code

User-added image

  1. If installing from a CD, insert it into the CD drive and cancel the install process if it starts, then click OK
  2. If installing from a license-file, navigate to the location of the file on your computer, then click Open
  3. If installing from a web delivery, type license code and click OK 
  4. When prompted to add license (display license name), click Yes
  5. License appears as an available license - make license active by selecting it, click Change Active License
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  • Note: Added licenses must be for the same version of the software as you want to add the license to
  • Example: Add a Meet Manager 4 license to MM 4, but not to MM 5