To trouble shoot all Socket is not Connected and all issues with Error Source .basRealTimeWeb.gUploadFTPfile
Note: all issues with originating with an Error Number of 250XX and 201XX are caused by network time out issues 
  1. From main screen in Meet Manager select Run menu
  2. Select Web menu
  3. Ensure your Log-In settings are correct 
  1. Select Settings tab
  2. Change Mode (from Active to Passive, or from Passive to Active)
  • Note: Security on some networks may block one mode but not the other 
  • Note: Passive mode is recommended as it bypasses many firewall issues and typically uploads faster than Active mode. However if you are getting this error in Passive  mode please test in Active mode before going to step 6.
  1. Ensure Security Software or Firewall allow connection to FTP Port 80 and the results web-site 
  • Note: You may need to consult your network administrator to address these issues