When trying to open software, encounter message "program was blocked by group policy." This error is usually due to a lack of full user rights. Below are instructions to address this error:
  1. Contact your organization's IT department to request full access (including rights to make changes) to the following folders (you may copy-and-paste these details):
    1. C:\Hy-Sport and all subfolders
    2. Folder with database files:
      1. Meet Manager for Swimming 6.0: C:\swmeets6
      2. Team Manager for Swimming 8.0: C:\TM5Data
      3. Track & Field Meet Manager 5.0: C:\tfmeets5
      4. Track & Field Team Manager 4.2: C:\TFTM3Data
  • Note: If you manually selected a different location, that location will also need access
  1. C:\Windows and all subfolders (at least read-only rights)