. If you want to host a virtual meet, refer to steps below:
Note:  Meet Host and all competing teams will need to have their own Meet Manager software installed
Step 1        Meet Host  will create a meet (Set up a Meet and add events) 
Step 2        Meet Host will create a backup copy 
Step 3        Meet Host sends a backup copy of the meet to all teams involved

Step 4       Each team Restores a Backup file 

Step 5       Each team Declare the Team's Entries and Start Seeding
Step 6       Each team runs their part of the meet in their pool and enters times for swimmers

Step 7       Teams Should NOT score meets as they should just enter times
Note: Events will be on Done status after entering times
Step 8       Export results
  • From Meet Manager Home page, go to File > Export > Results of Meet Manager Merge of same meet (.HY3)
Step 9      Send result file to Meet Host

Complete Step 5 through Step 7 in the non-host team process

Step 10      Import result files from participating teams to master database
Note: When merging results from source computer to a target computer, events in source Database must be on a higher status than one in target Database
Step 11     Score meet

Step 12    Export Results from Meet Manager and send to participants

           See Related Article from USA Swimming on how to run a USA Swimming Virtual Meets
Note (for Virtual Meets run on Different Courses): 
  • Meet Manager isn't designed to automatically convert times (like meter results to yards). Primarily because there are many different factors used by different organizations, and conversions have a built-in inaccuracy. It will always export the actual result times
  • Users may use the Reports> Results Conversion to display what the converted results would be then manually copy them over to the master database