Some teams run virtual meets at two or more locations.  Later they want to merge results as if it was one meet
  1. In Meet Manager database where one meet was run go to Events > Re-Number
  2. Renumber existing events adding enough space to add a second set of events starting with number 1
  • Example: If existing events are 1 to 79 add 100 to each event number so new numbers are 101 to 179
  • Note: This is necessary if results to be merged are also in events 1 to 79 as merge results import requires matching events
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  1. Click Copy and copy events to add new set starting with 1
  • Example: If existing events are 101 to 179 copy events to 1, so new events are numbered t to 79
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  1. Go to File > Import >  Merge Results (MM to MM) to import the merge results file
  2. Go to Run > Combine to merge results from event pairs
  • Example: Enter Source Event Number: 101, Target Event Number 1 to combine results from event 101 into  event 1
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  1. Choose either
    1. Copy Results to Target Event and Delete Results from Source Event, or
    2. Copy Results to Target Event and leave Source Results unchanged
  2. Click OK