There are two ways to use more than one computer to run a meet.

Option 1: Pro Network
Pro Network feature allows database to be shared between multiple computers over local area network. 

Once network is setup:
  1. Login to database in multi-user mode
  2. Run meet from each computer
  3. On Run screen, click Refresh : Ctrl-D to receive any changes from other computers
  • Note: Refresh as often as desired throughout meet
  • Note: To see if you have this feature, go to Help > About. Under License Options, see if Pro Network / Multi-User Network is checked. If unchecked, this feature can be ordered at the Hy-Tek Online Store. Additional features can only be added to current version of software (Meet Manager 8.0 for Swimming, Meet Manager 6.0 for Track & Field). If older version, order Upgrade to Meet Manager 8.0 along with feature.

Option 2: Merge Results
  1. On Computer A, go to File > Export > Results for Meet Manager Merge of same meet
  2. Save file to USB drive or attach to email
  3. On Computer B, go to File > Import > Merge Results (MM to MM)
  4. Select file, click Open
  • Note: This process can be done as often as desired (e.g. after every few events, after every session, after entire meet, etc.)