Instructions for using the Meet Set-Up screen in Swimming Meet Manager:
  1. From main screen select Set-up then Meet Set-Up 
  2. Enter Meet Name 
  3. Enter Facility Name 
  4. Enter City, Country, and Postal Code 
  5. Enter all dates 
    1. Start Date: day the meet will start​
    2. End Date: day meet will end 
    • Note: Maybe same as Start Date 
    1. Age-Up Date: date used to calculate the age of the athlete when using age groups
    2. Entry Open Date: Date to start accepting entries 
    3. Entry End Date: Last day to accept entries
  6. Select ID Format
  • Note: If you are unsure use Other 
  1. Select Class
  2. Select Meet Type
  1. Select Meet Style and Course 
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