When entering license code during installation/upgrade via web delivery, the following error message is encountered:

Error Message: Matching license file could not be found

Below are three things to check:
  1. Web delivery expired? Web deliveries expire 2 years after being sent.
    1. If Yes, order $25 product replacement at http://hytek.active.com/store.html
      • Note: Product replacements are only available for current version of Meet Manager or Team Manager
      • Note: If older version in use (SWMM7, SWTM7, TFMM5, TFTM4.1 or older), you will need to purchase/upgrade to current version (SWMM8, SWTM8, TFMM6, TFTM4.2)
    2. If No, proceed to the following
  2. Not using First Time Installation instructions? If version to be installed is not already on computer, First Time Installation instructions should be used. This includes upgrading to a newer version (ex: Meet Manager 7.0 to Meet Manager 8.0).
    1. If Yes, use First Time Installation instructions included within web delivery email
    2. If No, proceed to the following
  3. License code entered incorrectly? License code must be exact match with web delivery. Any misspellings or extra spaces will prevent license from being recognized.
    1. If Yes, copy-and-paste license code from web delivery. Put cursor at end of code and backspace until cursor is right next to last character (leave no spaces).

If none of the above items allow license code to be entered, contact support with details of error message or what you're experiencing.