A Dynazip/Unzip error is caused by a problem with the last upload to Team Connect Online (TCO). The complete database was not uploaded to the server, resulting in an error message. The cause may be that the upload was interrupted or that the user logged out of TCO incorrectly. Below are instructions to address the error:
  1. Logon to TCO as Administrator and check the Activity Log
  • Note: The user who last attempted to upload will have have the Master Database on his/her computer - we recommend asking him/her for a backup of that database
  • Note: The user would click File > Backup, then Save the file to his/her computer (the default location is C:\TM5Data)
  1. Restore the backup
  2. Open the database
  3. Login to TCO and clear all 3 locks (edit, download, upload)
  4. Click the Upload New Database button to upload a new master database to the server