Follow steps below if you encounter following error in Team Manager:
Error: Run-time Error 52 Bad File Name or Number
  1. Set Directory Preferences for Exports
    1. Go to Set-up > Preferences > Directory Preferences
    2. Select desired Drive and Directory for export files
    3. Under Export Directory, click Set Directory
    4. Under Report Export Directory, click Set Directory
    • Note: For any Export or Report Export you can always select a different location
  2. Close and then re-open Team Manager to refresh preferences
  3. If error still occurs:
    1. Uninstall Team Manager
    2. Open Windows Explorer (Windows Start > Computer)
    3. Double-click OSDisk (C:) > Hy-Sport
    4. Delete product folder
      1. Team Manager for Swimming: Right-click TM8 folder, select Delete
      2. Team Manager for Track & Field: Right-click TFTM4-2 folder, select Delete
    5. Reboot computer
    6. Reinstall Team Manager