To Manually Add Meet Results in Swim Manager
  1. Under Your meets go to Action icon for a meet (where results were uploaded), and select View results by event
  • Note: You can only add results to a meet that had results uploaded
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  1. Click Add result for results to add
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  1. Start typing athlete's name and select correct athlete from list
  • Note: You can only select athletes registered to program of meet linked in Swim Manager
  1. Select Round
  2. Status - Not DQ/NS is default
  3. Enter Place and Points
  4. Enter Time
  5. If it was an exhibition swim check Exhibition
  • Note: When you select Exhibition the fields for place and points will be greyed out
  1. Enter splits
  2. If this is a relay event in Team field enter a letter 
  3. (Optional) Enter Athlete who swam each leg
  4. Click Save

To Edit or Remove Meet Results in Swim Manager
  1. Result entered will be flagged as manually added or edited
    1. Select event
    2. Within results list, click Action icon and:
      1. Edit to adjust 
      2. Remove to delete
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