Add Session
1. Go to Events > Sessions
2. Click Add
3. Enter the following:
a. Session #
b. Session Title
c. Day
d. Start Time
e. Entry Limit (Track & Field)
f. Interval (Swimming)
g. Extra backstroke interval (Swimming)
h. Diving time per dive (Swimming)
i. Course (Swimming)
j. Max entries including relays (Swimming)
k. Max individual entries (Swimming)
l. Max relay entries (Swimming)
4. Click OK

Edit Session
1. Go to Events > Sessions
2. To move all events in event schedule into selected session, click Move All in top menu bar
3. To add specific events from event schedule:
a. Double-click on event, or
b. Drag-and-drop event into Session Schedule
4. To move event to different position in Session Schedule:
a. Click number in Order column, type desired number, press Enter on keyboard, or
b. Click event and drag it to different position in order
5. To remove event from Session Schedule, double-click event