To edit meet information in Swim Manager, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Swim Manager
  2. Click the Action icon next to the desired meet
  3. Click Edit Meet
User-added image
  1. Edit meet info as desired
    1. Meet details
  • Meet name
  • Meet Dates
  • Team entry date(s) for meet entry
    • Note: Once a team entry deadline has past and team entry is closed, coaches can no longer edit the team entry dates
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  • Meet host entry date(s)
  • Location
  • Sanction number
  • Altitude
  1. Eligibility requirements
  • Age up date
    • Note: Due to the fixed-age requirement for BCSSA meets, when editing a BCSSA meet, Age up date field is now disabled
  • Entry eligibility date
  • Maximum meet entries
  • Course eligibility
  • "No Time" entries accepted
  • Maximum age for open events
  1. Meet Schedule
  • Start time
  • Session day
  • Session number
  • Maximum session entries
  • Session Course
  1. Click Save