Add-on Products report pertains to add-ons selected during the registration process - this covers additional purchases (gear and merchandise), memberships, as well as other add-on options. Below are instructions to access and view the add-on products report after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. From Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click on Reports tab
  2. Within Add-on products box, click on an available option
    1. Last 7 days
    2. Last 30 days
    3. Last 60 days
    4. All (the following example uses All as the selection)
  3. Select filters
    1. Program
    2. Location
    3. Group
    4. Product
    5. Sub Group / Time Slot
  • Note: Location, Group, and Product drop-down will not appear unless a particular Program is selected
             User-added image
  • Note: Group section will show session and time slot of the registrant
  1. Date
    1. All
    2. Last 7 days
    3. Last 30 days
    4. Last 60 days
  1. Click Apply
  • Note: Add-on products and Total sales items on screen will update, but Details are only available by selecting a program first
  1. Click Export to extract a CSV file (the default file name is AddOnsPurchased.csv)
  • Note: The Export button is not visible unless a program is selected first

The following fields are included on screen:
- Name of purchaser
- Product
- Quantity
- Price
- Purchase date
- Program
- Group
- Sub total

The following fields are included in the export file:
- Date
- Program
- Group
- Purchaser
- Athlete
- Product
- Quantity
- Price
- Subtotal